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Xichong security company apologies for damaging surfboards


Shenzhen Daily

The company that operates the Xichong beach in Nan’ao in eastern Shenzhen has apologized after security guards damaged the surfboards of four tourists Friday.

Nan’ao Xichong Joint Stock Co., the operator of the beach popular with local holidaymakers, said it would compensate the four surfers.

A video showing security guards destroying the surfboard of a tourist using a saw went viral on social media and ignited public uproar against the guards’ action. In the video, with a voiceover by an expatriate, several guards violently seized the board from the tourist and immediately used a saw to cut the board, leaving a V-shape cut about 20 centimeters deep in the board.

An unidentified expatriate knelt down in front of the security guards with his hands up as a protest. It is not known whether he was one of the tourists whose surfboards were damaged or if he was just an eyewitness. A shop owner who rents the boards to tourists said the shop suffered great losses as a result, with each board costing between 6,000 and 7,000 yuan (US$899-1,049).

Shenzhen TV also reported on the incident.

The company said in a statement Saturday that the security guards’ actions were wrong and promised to compensate the tourists. It explained that they received a complaint from a tourist who said he was injured after being hit by a surfboard of another tourist, who just left the scene. The company then sent the security guards to ask surfers to stop surfing, but to no avail. So the guards took action, the statement said. The company also ordered all shops on the beach resort to stop renting surfboards to tourists.

The Nan’ao Subdistrict Office of Dapeng New Area said in a statement later Saturday that the surfboard shops in Xichong don’t have proper business licenses. It also said surfing will be banned in Xichong sea area before a study is completed to determine whether surfing is safe in the area. The office criticized the company, ordering it to make compensation to affected tourists.

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