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Shenzhen – Blue Surfing Club


In order to promote the development of surfing, Li HaiShou and two friends in 2008 founded  the Shenzhen Xi Chong  Blue Surf Club.

It offers surfing lessons, surfboards sales and rentals,  cheap accommodations,  meals and a lot of fun. When there are no waves people can skate in the backyard pool.

After several years of effort, surfing in Shenzhen slowly spread up. The club has more than 100 members, with or without waves, expecially during the weekends, there are always a lot of surfers chilling at the club. The Club organizes also several  surf trips abroad to the most famous destinations such as: Bali, Java Island, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Fiji, etc…

Blue Surf Club is for sure one of the epicenters of the surfing revolution in China.
Official Wechat Account:BLUESURFCLUB


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