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Registration for Hainan Open SurfingCompetition


Surfing Hainan

As time goes by, this is already the 9th year of the competition, I’m sure it’s left great memories for all the surfersand people each year.

We as the organizer has also evolved otherthe years — From Surfing Hainan, to Riyue Bay Surf Club and now its currentname Jalenboo, we hope that it’ll always be the place where all the Chinese surfers and foreigner surfer friends gather each year.

As follows is a competition video , doesn’t that make you want to jump in the water already? who also wants to register forthe 2016 competition of Hainan Open?!


2016 Hainan Open Surfing Competition


Time: Nov 19 – 20

Venue: Riyue Bay Main Left, Wanning, Hainan


Competitions include the following:


-Men’s Long Board

-Men’s Short Board

-Women’s Long Board

-Women’s Short Board

-Under 16s’


(Up to 55 people for each competition apartfrom the beginners which is up to 15)

Entry Fee is 200 RMB, plus 50 RMB for each additional division, pay upon registration on 18thof November



Nov 18th: 15:00-21:00 Registration at Chonghai Surf Club (beside the Riyue Bay hotel)

Nov 19th: 08:00-17:30 Competition Day one

19:00-24:00 Pool (Neon) Party at Break Point Cafe

Nov 20th 09:30-14:00 Competition Finale

14:30-15:00 Awards Giving

Registration Form Download (Chinese):The Chinese entry form

Registration Form Download (English):The English entry form

Please send the registration form to thefollowing email address to register:

(if you cant download the entry form,please just email us , we will sent the entry form to you)


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