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“无论在什么情况下,与人分享你所热爱的事物,都是生活中最美妙的事情” - 杰瑞·洛佩兹

John Severson– surfing and the power to create a better world


It’s made of multi-level perceptions…the unknown future is scary, the present is difficult and at the same time beautiful. It was the era of Vietnam, of Jimi Hendrix, and where the psychedelic world seemed to prevail… or maybe was going to fail. Everything was happening, changing, but remained the same, like surfing. The metaphor of life was perfectly impressed forever inside this immortal surfing movie through the smiles, movements, colors and emotions of thereal-life surfers. The tension emanatedfrom and flowed through the music, the same psychedelic melodies played during the eternal music festival of Woodstock 1969. In a strange “multi-verse” universe using Jim Loomis’ words, we all where there too, spectators of this amazing time.

The roar of nature was there, it’s here right now and it’s still unanswered.

“Pacific Vibrations” is also the first surf movie to underline the danger of pollution and the upcoming environmental issues. It’s full of premonitions and poetry. Now it’s time for China to discover these universal issues and start to fight for them.

Checking the poster of the movie, drawn by an artistic visionary, Rick Griffin…we cannot avoid becoming fascinated and mesmerized…


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