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“无论在什么情况下,与人分享你所热爱的事物,都是生活中最美妙的事情” - 杰瑞·洛佩兹

John Severson– surfing and the power to create a better world



He was so charismatic and his content so timely that all the best photographers, artists, and journalists went to work with him; we can remember a few: Rick Griffin, Ron Stoner, Jeff Divine, Art Brewer, Drew Kampion, Steve Pezman (who later became the editor of “The Surfer’s Journal”) and many many others. We can read about these extraordinary people inside John’s new book and learn something about their beliefs, passions and thoughts.

John didn’t ever stop. He filmed “Big Wednesday” in 1961, the title a few years later adopted by John Milius for its pop-culture version in 1978. John also filmed “Going My Wave” (1962), “Angry Sea” (1963) and “Surf Classics” in 1964.

Those were years of hard work. John created many things whilestill able to surf and keep his soul salty and wet. It was intense;John often workedlate into the night to prepare the next issue, but it was a timerich with positive vibrations…these vibrations brought John to realize the smoothly psychedelic, apocalyptic movie “Pacific Vibrations” (1970), a masterpiece thatcreated a time fracture, a new paththat broke from the status quo and led to the future. “Pacific Vibrations” is a cry and an ode; it’s full of joy about an end and a new beginning.

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