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“无论在什么情况下,与人分享你所热爱的事物,都是生活中最美妙的事情” - 杰瑞·洛佩兹

John Severson– surfing and the power to create a better world



By Francesco De Luca   Photos: Courtesy  Mr. John  Severson

“There was no surf media, no surf industry and no surf culture – at least not in the way we understand it today –

before John Severson!”    Sam George in 1999.

It would be easier to answer this question:“who is not John Severson?” He’s indeed a dreamer, a man who followed his vision of a different world through his art and his abilities. Full of alohaspirit, John Severson was born in California, in 1933.

When just a kid,John’s father quit his job and decided to change his life…

The family moved to San Clemente, a nice town in Southern California, and there John found something that forever changed his life: the ocean!

John started to enjoy the waves (1946) and discovered their flow of energy and positivity.

John has always been attracted to nature and its colors. We were lucky enough to speak with him candidly, and his words reveal a deep sensitive soul, an open heart and an intense love for life and art.

How could a young John use his talents? He found a way…love surfing and make it an art!Something precious.

 Seal Beach Locals-Severson'56__re_pre small

After a period of study at Long Beach State University, Johnreceived a degree in Art Education in 1956 and immediately started to make his own paintings and sold them inside small local galleries. Naturally his topics were the beach, the surfers and his beloved ocean…the peeling waves. At that time he never imaginedwhat would becomeof his destiny, buthis fate soon paid him a visit…

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