We are surfers and we love to share concepts, ideas, images, stories about surfing and life!


We know that the development of the surfing industry depends also on the presence of good media partners and on a constant daily work.  That’s why we launched the first China based surf webmagazine with one clear mission: Promote the Stoke in China.

We like the trends and news from the surfing market, we like fashion want to spread the new tendencies, street and surf arts.

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media partners

We cooperate every month articles on China’s biggest sport magazines! Every month more than 1 million copies printed, so CSR platform is getting wider and effective!

Chinasurfreport Instagram almost reached  13.000 followers

What about the next couple years?

Chinasurfreport has all it takes to make your brand visible and recognizable in the fastest growing surf market of the planet!

640 Million people are surfing internet in China and they are all potential readers and real surfers not only virtual surfers! 80% of them uses internet from their smartphones. Now…


…Warmly welcome you to support our mission and promote surfing together in the World next surfing fronteer: China !


For contacts please write to   or dial  (0086) 136 97559284